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How We Review: The Basics:

We regard to our gay drams, we base reviews from a western viewpoint, but trying to take into account the location from which the drama is produced. We try to also take into account such things as acting, general performance, subbing as we have to rely on the translations others provide on YouTube etc. Customs such as why do eastern producers have to show bed scenes with actors wearing day time clothes such as tea shirts and joggers etc, we are not saying they should be nude but it dose need to be realistic.

The above is just a snapshot so will of course change over time.

Channel[s] General Information:

We currently have 3 channels offering a host of different formats. Our main channel will mainly focus on current gay topics including such things as holidays, places to visit. We also have a "Trailer" video highlighting a current favorite, which is changed from time to time. Then we have a gay drama channel highlighting some of the better gay dramas from around the world. And finally we have the General Mash Up channel which shows just about anything we thing is great, just for fun!

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